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Re: Linux on a RS/6000 with PowerPC and MCA

Adam Fritzler said ...
> On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, Aaron Burt wrote:
> > >   Speaking from the perspective of "IBM help". What'cha need? Perhaps I
> > > might be able to first find it and second get permission to send it your
> > > way.
> > Adam Fritzler appears to be the smart guy regarding the confluence of MCA
> > and PPC.  Though he's pretty heavily loaded with Token-Ring issues, IIRC.
> I'm fairly loaded with graduating-high-school issues at this point :)
> > I suspect technical (HW- and register-level) docs for any PowerPC MCA
> > RS/6000 boxen would do it.  But I don't know who should get it.
> There are lots of people with boxes.  The key is to find the people with
> the knowledge, time, and the specific hardware for the docs.
> > Someone with time, C skills and the appropriate hardware COULD raise their
> > hand and describe their platform(s)...
> I'm raising.  I currently have a 7011, but I have yet to get it to work.
> I'm suspecting hardware failure.  Donations accepted :)

I've got a 7012 Model 360 (64Mb, 1Gb+320Mb HD) operational (AIX 3.2.5
installed).  Unfortunately all it's got in the way of adapters in a
64-port Async adapter and of course the builtin ethernet and SCSI
controllers.  It's essentially headless.  I should be able to get an MCA
video card somewhere.  But, I'm willing to use the machine for dev and/or
testing.  I've also got Linux on a dual PII@400 Intel box with lots of
disk space and it's ethernet attached.  I could create a cross-compile
environment for PPC.  Hacking on the code will, or course, require
hardware doc for the 7012/POWER(2) arch (which I don't have)e. 

> > It would seem like the best tack would be to go after the MCA PowerPC
> > boxen with an MCA port and a bootloader.  Once that's working one could
> > then start playing with POWER's different MMU and instruction set.
> > Someone said that the PowerPC compiler can generate POWER code.
> Right.  PPC MCA is going to be the first difficult step.  We need docs on
> the boot process at this point.  From there, we'll need docs on everything
> thats non-standard, including the MCA interface, etc.  (The MCA part is
> probably one of the easiest problems to solve in an MCA PPC port -- its
> just the common difference between that group of machines and the rest of
> the PPCs.)

If I can get a copy of that doc, I can help out with the port.

> > And I counted about 5 people with boxes expressing serious interest
> > in running Linux.

Oh! Oh! Pick Me! Pick Me!-)

> I've cc'd this to the mailing list we set up a few months ago.
> I'd be happy to accept any docs IBM wants to give, as I'm sure anyone else
> would.  What would be best would to have the docs in electronic format
> with a free distribution policy.  Printed docs with the same policy would
> be adequate as well -- scanners are fairly prevelent these days.
> We'd love to have IBM assistance here!

Sure would!

> af
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>   Adam Fritzler
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