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Re: Source-dependencies and bad packages list?

"KM" == Konstantinos Margaritis <markos@debian.org> writes:

   KM> On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Sergio Brandano wrote:

   SB> 4. Netscape Communicator/Navigator: great mess.  Version
   SB> 4.72 not available.

   KM> 4.72 afaik is not available for the powerpc.  But you're
   KM> right, at least 4.7 should be available.  I had made the
   KM> 4.6 .debs, and had tried 4.7 but had found a problem.  I'm
   KM> trying again as I write this mail.

4.71 (with 128-bit encryption) is available as an RPM at the
LinuxPPC site.  I tried aliening it, but had some weird problems I
haven't had time to investigate in depth -- the actual binary
seemed to be kept in /usr/lib/netscape (or communicator), and it
wasn't executable.  After uninstalling the aliened deb and
unpacking it in my home directory, I found that when I made the
file executable and ran it manually, Communicator worked, but it
was noticeably slower (maybe it was using the older libraries and
other support files?).  In any case, 4.6 seemed easier to deal
with for right now, especially since 4.71 still isn't the latest
and greatest.


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