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Re: deb-ppc: X server debian packages ?

the g4, and powerbook(read g3) use the same packages IIRC.

as far as X not working, i think we can start a club :). Unfortunately i don't know enough to fix the stuff and people who do seem to be busy finishing up potato, so we are in a rock and hard place.

At 7:27 PM +1000 5/1/00, Brendan J Simon wrote:
I've got a PowerMac G4 at work and am thinking of buying a PowerBook for
myself.  I have debian running very nicely on the G4 but I haven't got X
running.  I've installed task-x-window-system but that is all.  I read
on the mailing lists that XFree86 4.X and/or xpmac is required.  Is this
correct ?

I can't find any of these as debian packages.  Do I have to download
tarballs (yuk) or are they some deb packages hiding somewhere ?

Do the G4 and PowerBook use the same X servers ?
If not, what is the best X server for the G4 and the PowerBook ?

Brendan Simon.

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