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Re: Linux on a RS/6000 with PowerPC and MCA

Aaron Burt wrote:
> Third, the MCA RS/6000 machines have come up many times.  Linux currently
> does not run on these machines.  There is MCA support in the x86 branch,
> and its author tried to make it endian-neutral, but apparently the MCA in
> RS/6000 machines is rather more complicated and undocumented.  IBM has
> been no help so far.

Hi All,

  I haven't heard of anyone working on the MCA RS/6000's. You'd have
some code to write I'm sure.

  Speaking from the perspective of "IBM help". What'cha need? Perhaps I
might be able to first find it and second get permission to send it your

> I think there are about 5 people who have asked so far, volunteering time.
> Maybe you could contact them and form a group, pressure IBM to sell or
> give you the specs, and get to coding.  It would be another coup for
> Linux!


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