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Re: Instructions to install the battery monitor for the Laptop


Nice article on Debian for Powerbooks!  Very extensive and thorough.

Question: does the GNOME battery monitor applet currently work for PPC?
It's not completely clear in your article.  If not, the attached patch
(against gnome-core_1.0.55-1) might help...

(Another "assumed char is signed by default" problem.)


-Adam P.

--- applets/battery/Makefile.am.bak	Wed Apr 26 10:20:00 2000
+++ applets/battery/Makefile.am	Wed Apr 26 10:26:15 2000
@@ -1,4 +1,4 @@
-INCLUDES = -I. -I$(srcdir) 				\
+INCLUDES = -fsigned-char -I. -I$(srcdir) \
 	-I$(top_srcdir)/intl \
 	-I$(top_builddir)/intl	\
 	-I$(top_builddir)/panel	\

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