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Re: I am interested in participating in the Debian/ppc project (PowerMac) installation testing

> Hello, I am interested in helping out with building and testing 
> installation disks for the Debian/ppc PowerMac.  Or, if it is not easy to 
> get involved directly, is there anyway I can help support this project.  
> I have extensive experience with MacOS and the Macintosh platform and 
> using Debian on i386 systems.  I have some programming experience (not at 
> the hardware/device driver level).  I use Debian on multiple machines and 
> would like to start using it on my PowerMac machines.  If I can 
> contribute some testing and debugging that would be great.  I'd like to 
> start making some contributions to Debian to give back to the community.  

Sure. First join the debian-powerpc@list.debian.org mailinglist. We need
testers and particularly for powermc's. 



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