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Re: Debian on Powerbook Firewire

Thanks for your help earlier.  The install was really easy, and I was able to grab Base2_2.tgz off an NFS mount.  It took a while to get 16-bit colour, and map my keyboard properly (I spent a wonderful afternoon figuring out the mapping when I accidentally used the wrong keymap file), but it's been going okay...

Until about five minutes ago, when it seemed like every APT mirror dropped the power-pc packages.  Is it just my machine going wonky, or did something happen to the power-pc directories?  I tried about every Canadian and US ftp and http mirror in apt-setup, and all servers return 'File not found'.

Also, is there a way to map Ctrl+Button1 (or other combo) to Button2?  xmodmap seems to only want numbers in its pointer argument.

Vivek Balasubramanyam
(519) 569-0786

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