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Re: XFree86 on a G4

On Mon, Apr 10, 2000 at 12:32:00PM -0400, Nelson Abramson wrote:
> Brendan J Simon wrote:
> > Anyone got XFree86 working on a G4 ?
> > If so, what tricks did you use.
> I got xf4 working on my sawtooth yesterday.  I had to compile it from a src.rpm
> that someone posted via the linuxppc-dev list (I can repost the link if you
> would like)
> There were about five patches that needed to be applied (included in the
> src.rpm).  Other than that, I just tweaked the XF86Config file.
> I also had to create a .xinitrc in my home directory because xf4 defaults to twm
> <shudder> rather than reading the desktop file like xf3.3.6

You could use the instructions i gave in a previous post. This way you build a
Xfree 4.0 Server only, that is completely compatible with a debian Xfree

Maybe i will be building a Xfree 4.0 package following this scheme.

here are the instructions again :

  * download the 4.0 -1 archive, no need to get the fonts and docs, since you
    will not use them
  * unpack them and do the following changes to the config/cf dir :
    - change the root dir to be /usr/X11R6.4  
    - change the config file to be XF86Config.4 
    - build only the server.
    the attached patch against 4.0 should take care of that.
  * then go into the xc dir and do :
    - make World &> world.log &
    - tail -f world.log
    - make install &> install.log &
    - tail -f install.log
    - make install.man &> man.log &
    - tail -f man.log
    this should take you between 30min to 60min, i guess, it took me ~4hours
    on my apus box (603e @240MHz, no cache) and ~1 hour on my k6-2 500Mhz

once that is done, you need to generate a XF86Config.4 (there should be an
example in /usr/X11R6.4/lib/X11 or something such) and change
/etc/X11/Xserver to point to /usr/X11R6.4/bin/Xfree86 instead of

Anyone knows the status of the rage128 driver in xfree 3.3.6-6



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