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Re: Problem with Dselect

On Mon, Apr 24, 2000 at 10:09:35AM -0400, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> Part of apt's function is to move or link the relevant subset of those debs
> (those which are to be installed or upgraded) into /var/cache/apt/archives, then
> call dpkg to install/upgrade them.  So apt puts the files there, but does not
> want them there to begin with.  And you certainly don't want to put every .deb
> from the powerpc distribution in there.
> So I hate to say this, but you should erase the .deb files from
> /var/cache/apt/archives (or attempt to put them back into the
> dists/potato/main... filestructure if you removed them from their former
> location), then put the file: URL in /etc/apt/sources.list, then run dselect and
> tell it to use apt to get the files, and use the update, select, and install
> steps in dselect to complete your installation.

Look at apt-move - it recreates the filestructure, IIRC.


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