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X configuring

Hello list.  After years of fearfully shying away from Debian (because of all 
the "it's great if you are a guru" type statements), I jumped in with both 
feet and have found it the easiest distribution I have tried yet on PowerPC or 
Intel.  The directory structure seems much cleaner than that installed by 
LinuxPPC and a working install with more than I really need takes up far less 
disk space.  I am incredibly happy with it.

My problem:  I had X working, but it was slow.  So I spent a couple of days 
just hanging out in the console, as that is how I usually work anyways.  Then 
I had a little free time, so I grabbed the latest Xpmac server from LinuxPPC 
(which worked great under LinuxPPC on my PowerBase180), and symlinked X to it.
 It worked the first time, then it stopped.  When I startx, it grabs the 
memory it needs, then prints this error:

PEXExtensionInit:  Couldn't open default PEX font file Roman_M

And jumps back to the console.  I used dselect to download the fonts which 
said were associated with PEX, but the same error comes up.  I am really 
stumped on this right now.  Any help would be much appreciated.  I'm thinking 
that it may have something to do with the x font server, but I really don't 
know enough to figure it out.


Lang Hurst

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