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Re: debian-Powerpc: Support for Apple DVD-RAM.

Sergio Brandano wrote:

>  You need to set the SCSI option in the Kernel, and
> > Enable vendor-specific extensions (for SCSI CDROM)
>  After that:
> > --> ls -l /dev/sda
> > brw-rw----    1 root     disk       8,   0 Feb  2 18:12 /dev/sda

Hmm.. okay, well mine is ide, but that shouldn't matter I assume...
(well, obviously scsi vendor specific stuff doesn't matter..)

>  and the following in etc/fstab
> > /dev/sda  /mnt/dvd  ext2  user,noauto,rw,suid,exec 0 0

Well, I adapted that to my ide and used auto instead of ext2.

>  Give yourself the following aliases:
> > alias format-dvd="mke2fs -b 2048 /dev/sda -c"
> > alias mount-dvdram="mount /dev/sda /mnt/Bay -t ext2"
>  Then format the DVD-RAM. When it terminates, mount it.
>  It works like an (slow) HardDisk.

Well, I tried mounting it (I already formated one side of the disc hfs
in macos ) and it told me that it was ro (both as root and as a user).
I then tried to mke2fs it, and it said that it was a ro system (both as
root and as a user)...

Am I going to have similar issues to the ide cd-r issues...?

--Nelson Abramson

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