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Unidentified subject!

Subject: Re: Source-dependencies and bad packages list? 
In-reply-to: Your message of "Thu, 06 Apr 2000 10:50:40 PDT."
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c@eskimo.com said:
> Hmm.  I might do that, too.  From what I can tell, though, the latest
> version of the Debian gdb package isn't available for PowerPC, patches
> or no patches -- I have a version with your patches installed, but
> when I try to get apt to reinstall it (with `apt-get install
> --reinstall gdb'), apt tells me ``Sorry, re-installation of gdb is not
> possible, it cannot be downloaded''. 

well, I sent in a patch that fixed it... I guess I never looked to see it it 
had been built and checked in.

the patch and a binary deb are on my homepage at http://Southpole.penguinpowere

that gdb is not yet threadsafe though.

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