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Re: yaboot errors on g4

Ethan wrote:
> you never got it to work?  i really think this has to be some
> difference in some G4's OpenFirmware... though i think Ben has 
> G4 and has yaboot working...

I guess there is a lot of hardware (and probably firmware) variance
even within the set of machines that go by the "G4" label.  My
machine was purchased after Apple bumped the CPU clockspeed back
up to their original values.  I've found several references to
people getting pre-speedbump G4s going with yaboot, but nobody
has reported success specifically with a post-speedbump G4 -- so
far as I've seen.

> did you ever try a debug build of yaboot? 

Not yet.  My pace of experimenting with it is very slow since
I'm in the middle of upgrading from one house to another.

The ppclinux 2000 CD uses yaboot_0.5, and it seems to work fine
on my machine.  I'm curious as to why it can find its configuration
file in this case -- perhaps because there's only one partition
on the CD?

The Open Firmware reports a build date of somewhere in late
January of this year on my machine.  I'm not in front of the
machine right now so I can't be more specific than that.  What
date does yours report?

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