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Mail Aps, Netscape, and cf.m4

I would like to try and find an email program.  Under LinuxPPC, I used
XFMail, and it is OK, but brocken on debian, plus I think that there is
something better out there.  Yes, I could go back to pine, but I would
like something easy on the eyes so that I can get my wife to switch over
as well.  Anyone had any luck running the CVS of CSCMail?

Also, I can't get Navigator 4.* on my machine.  I am wondering if I have
my /etc/apt/sources.list wrong.  I have included it, but I don't think
that is the problem as I have been able to get everything else with no

One last thing, does anyone know what package has cf.m4?  I tried to run
install-sendmail to configure sendmail (Perl script which worked its
magic under LinuxPPC), but it complained about being unable to find
cf.m4.  I tried find / -name cf.m4 -print, and it didn't show up. 

Thanks again to everyone on this list.  I am really digging debian.


E-Mail: Lang Hurst <lang.hurst@mailandnews.com>
Date: 08-Apr-2000
Time: 17:06:02

I program, therefore I am.


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