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Re: Source-dependencies and bad packages list?

On Thu, 6 Apr 2000, Sergio Brandano wrote:

>  It does not come out! I trigger the command, and I wait forever.
>  The program is installed, of course.

I would suggest the following:

a) in case the config files are corrupt, try deleting them and restarting
the program. (try .gnome/accels/calendar, .gnome/calendar, and maybe there
are others too, dunno).
b) if that doesn't work, try dpkg --purge gnome-pim, and apt-get install
gnome-pim again.
c) if that still doesn't work, try

strace gnomecal >& gnomecal.out

and check where it fails. while you're at it, fix the bug will you? :-)

Konstantinos Margaritis

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