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Re: debian-powerpc: g4 installation woes.

Brendan J Simon wrote:

> I beleive that I need to use yaboot/ybin for the newworld mac.
> I have download the latest versions of these from Ben and Ethan's
> web/ftp sites.

What about the kernel?  You should try the one on the same site you got yaboot
from (BenH's)

> I have tried the latest BootX with Bens kernels.  It started booting the
> kernel but then hung.  It didn't get to the stage of mounting the root

Well, what kernel were you using?  Also, you should use yaboot on the sawtooths,
bootX has questionable results.

> filesystem compressed image.
> Anyway I think I want/need yaboot.


> Ethan recommends creating a 800K bootstrap partition.  I haven't been
> able to find out how to do this.  I have been using Drive Setup from my

You create the partition, then  make it type "Apple_BootROM" and then use the
ybin "mkofboot" on the partition.

> MacOS 9.02 CD ROM.  I have been trying to partition the disk into 3
> partitions (1 bootstrap, 1 MacOS, 1 Linux Home to be split up using
> linux fdisk).  Drive setup only allows me to enter values in units of 1
> MB.  No big deal but if I enter 1MB, Drive Setup changes it to 32MB.
> How can I get 800K or 1MB instead of wasting 32MB.  Is it possible ?

Don't use DriveSetup to create your individual partitions.  Just make one giant
partition that is the sum of all of the linux partitions you want, and make the
individual ones later w/ linux fdisk or pdisk or whatever...

> I can download base2_2.tgz to a MacOS partition.  How do I get linux to
> boot so I can uncompress it into my linux partition.  I need to run
> linux fdisk first though.

You don't uncompress it, the installer does.

> I have created boot floppies but I don't have an inbuilt floppy drive.

You totally don't need boot floppies :)

> I borrowed an external USB floppy from a friend but have not been
> successful in booting from either the root.bin image or the
> boot-floppy-hfs.img.  Maybe I should be using the rescue.bin image.
> Please advise what to do.

You are making this WAY more complicated than it needs to be.
All you need to do is download yaboot and the debian files... I would recomend
putting them on a zip (if you have one), or making a hfs exchange partition. If
you do that, yaboot could reside there, which would be okay for the installer
(you would later want to move it to a bootstrap partition so you could use ybin)

--Nelson Abramson

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