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Re: XFree86 on a G4

Brendan J Simon wrote:

> Anyone got XFree86 working on a G4 ?
> If so, what tricks did you use.

I got xf4 working on my sawtooth yesterday.  I had to compile it from a src.rpm
that someone posted via the linuxppc-dev list (I can repost the link if you
would like)
There were about five patches that needed to be applied (included in the
src.rpm).  Other than that, I just tweaked the XF86Config file.

I also had to create a .xinitrc in my home directory because xf4 defaults to twm
<shudder> rather than reading the desktop file like xf3.3.6

> I installed xserver-fbdev.  Is this correct ?

You need to install a lot more than that.  You need to install the font files,
the font server, etc...

> I think XFree86 is preferred over Xpmac.  Is this correct ?

Xpmac is not a replacement for XFree86, it is a substitute X server for
XF86_DEV, which is hardcoded for ati cards.  You still need XFree86 installed
(it uses libraries and fonts..)

I think that the fbdev that comes with xf4 is slightly faster than Xpmac...  You
can use Xpmac with xf4 though....

--Nelson Abramson

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