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Re: console-data: Broken powermac keymaps

> > The case 0: is missing from the corresponding function in mac_keyb.c.
> > I forgot what special function of loadkeys keycode 0 was used for but
> > perhaps it's not needed for powerpc. Suggestion: map both 0 and 90 to a.
> > Such a keymap ought to work on both m68k and powerpc Macs. I really
> > thought I just added 90 -> a and left 0 -> a in place for the original
> > m68k Mac keymaps. 
> Obviously I don't want to introduce the back compatibility nightmare of
> changing a console keycode right now.  Can we have the attached, much
> less intrusive patch added to console-data, please?

Maybe I didn't make myself entirely clear: I was suggesting to add a
keycode 0 to 'a' mapping for the Mac keymap file, not a change to the
powerpc kernel code (Paul probably had his reasons for not adopting the
m68k patch). Your patch pretty much does that ;-).


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