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Re: yaboot errors on g4

On Fri, Apr 07, 2000 at 10:00:49AM -0500, pohl wrote:
> Ethan wrote:
> > you never got it to work?  i really think this has to be some
> > difference in some G4's OpenFirmware... though i think Ben has 
> > G4 and has yaboot working...
> I guess there is a lot of hardware (and probably firmware) variance
> even within the set of machines that go by the "G4" label.  My
> machine was purchased after Apple bumped the CPU clockspeed back
> up to their original values.  I've found several references to
> people getting pre-speedbump G4s going with yaboot, but nobody
> has reported success specifically with a post-speedbump G4 -- so
> far as I've seen.
I've got a G4/500 running w/o any problems with yaboot here...

Just got it from Apple 2 weeks ago.


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