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Re: boot-floppies 2.2.12 uploaded

>No, it is to be located at the usual place in the archive, and thus I
>did not feel the need to tell everyone where to get it this morning.

And where is the usual place?

Those "in the know on debian-ppc" either have the worst habits for 
posting to 
archived and searchable mailing lists I have ever encountered
or else you are going out of your way to make the
information accessible to only a few select people who are
"in the know."

If this is the case, why do you bother to use what is
supposed to be a free, open and searchable archive of shared information?

After manually wandering through the archives,
I've found that posts which included the relevant links
to be the exception. (Despite outright requests)
I can only wonder how useful visitors will find this archive 
when the search engine becomes usable.

Most individuals "lurk" and search mailing lists for months
before posting. Usually they get all the answers they 
need from the archives because helpful people gave COMPLETE ANSWERS 
with THE LINKS INCLUDED. Rather than requiring each individual
to hope someone will take pity and answer them individually
and remember to include the relevant links. 

>And if you want to get any kind of response at all, 
>can you please USE A REAL EMAIL ADDRESS?

No, No, No!   I don't want a personal and private response.
If you can't say it to everyone, I don't want to hear it!

I was under the mistaken(?) belief that Debian was supposed to be OPEN 
Or is this really a private club and a private eMail address is just the
first of the many unwritten rules for joining?

Sorry for the RANTING
but I am getting so frustrated by this list
I've never encountered a group that operates this way.


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