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Re: Is anyone using pmac-fdisk?

> > Why???  What would be a more appropriate thing to rename pmac-fdisk to? 
> > These are certainly not the normal sort of 'pmac'.
> that is weird, IMO the powerpc machines that use the DOS partition
> tables should just use the same fdisk we use on i386.  as far as pmac
> goes, that term has usually been reserved for the Apple powerpc
> machines.  all the clones used Apple's BrokenFirmware and thus are
> going to be needing Apple partition tables.

Right, pmac-fdisk is used by non-Apple PowerPC machines. At the time
mac-fdisk and pmac-fdisk were first packaged from the pdisk source, i386
fdisk had endianness issues which were already fixed in the pdisk version. 

pmac-fdisk is also used by m68k VME board machines. 
> on a related note, why is the i386 fdisk not available on powerpc
> anymore? it compiles just fine, but for some reason its been removed
> from util-linux. (yes there are uses for it)

No idea, not my package. 
> a new fdisk for apple partitions tables would be very good though! how
> about dumping the screwy mac-fdisk interface for the i386 fdisk

Go right ahead. You can even take over mac-fdisk if you like. 


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