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Re: debian-powerpc: g4 installation woes.

On Wed, Apr 05, 2000 at 11:46:12PM -0400, Nelson Abramson wrote:
> > Ethan recommends creating a 800K bootstrap partition.  I haven't been
> > able to find out how to do this.  I have been using Drive Setup from my
> You create the partition, then  make it type "Apple_BootROM" and then use the
> ybin "mkofboot" on the partition.

yay someone who likes ybin! ;-)  

actually i like Apple_Bootstrap but everything after the Boot part
does not matter, i once created a Apple_Boot_OF_Really_Sucks and it
worked just fine, but Apple_Boo will not.

> Don't use DriveSetup to create your individual partitions.  Just make one giant
> partition that is the sum of all of the linux partitions you want, and make the
> individual ones later w/ linux fdisk or pdisk or whatever...


> You totally don't need boot floppies :)

well you don't need *floppies* but you do need the root1440.bin *image*
> You are making this WAY more complicated than it needs to be.
> All you need to do is download yaboot and the debian files... I would recomend
> putting them on a zip (if you have one), or making a hfs exchange partition. If
> you do that, yaboot could reside there, which would be okay for the installer

basically anything that must be accessable to linux must be on
HFS-not-plus format.  do note that if you make your macos partition
HFS+ you can boot yaboot from there and boot a kernel from there in an
emergency situation, yaboot uses OF's methods to access HFS
filesystems and thus supports HFS+.  I however don't recommend trying
to boot yaboot from a macos (or macos mountable) partition full time
as its just far more trouble.

> (you would later want to move it to a bootstrap partition so you could use ybin)

definitly, ybin lets you think of the bootstrap partition just like an
800K bootblock with its own device file in /dev. this also makes it
possible for OF to boot from it wtih default settings under most
circumstances.  the Apple_Boot* type is important though, if macos is
allowed to mount this partition it will almost invariably remove the
blessing making OF reject it as a bootable partition. 

Ethan Benson

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