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trouble with kernel&modules (or am I stupid?)

Hi everybody!

Im trying to install kernel and modules on a PowerCenter 150(/w
g3-300 upgrade), without any luck!
w. dbootstrap:
First: trouble mounting loop-device, rescue.bin & driver-1.bin, pmac
Second: dumped to floppys and got rescue-disk installed but
fd-flush-error (non fatal) with the drivers disk.
Now i'm trying to figure out how to install kernel and modules by hand.
Is there any howto or could somebody point me in the right direction,
i'm sure i've missed something along the way, but what?
(Or is it just impossible to accomplish?)

BTW how do i get hold of modules.dep that modprobe asks for? Or can I
get 2.2.15pre3 somewhere? (that's what my 'puter ask for, and i
started with bootx and 2.2.14... ).

The most important for me to get running, is ppp. All pointers are welcome!

Örjan Kaddik
*I'm a silly mouse, lost in a maze....*

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