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Re: communicator-smotif-47 out of frozen.

Konstantinos Margaritis wrote:

> As some of you may have noticed, communicator is broken on powerpc now.
> That is,
> apt-get install communicator
> won't work, since communicator-smotif-47 is in woody. I asked Richard
> Braakman <dark@debian.org> about this and he told me that there are RC
> bugs on the package. I checked this on the BTS and on
> debian-devel-announce, and yes there were RC bugs on
> communicator-smotif-47 but were since fixed and there is no reason IMHO
> why powerpc should be left without a browser (I know there is mozilla, but
> since netscape works ok why leave it out?).
>   Same happened with my package dx (there was a RC bug on it, which I
> fixed eons ago). Of course I don't want to be left out of frozen.
>   Apart from dx which is a personal matter, I believe communicator isn't
> that's why I posted here. I couldn't think of a better thing to do than
> post here.

Yep.  Lets have communicator.  I use it on other platforms and it is a pretty
good piece of software.
Mozilla is good too but I find that it significantly slower than communicator.
BTW, there are some redraw bugs in communicator.  When the toolbars are
closed/minimized and then maximized, they don't redraw properly and other frames
seem to cover them up.

Brendan Simon.

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