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Re: 7200 installation - floppy

On Sat, Apr 22, 2000 at 12:15:56PM -0400, ELN/basicprinting wrote:
> You mean load a MacOS, boot MacOS, have a MacApp steal the built-in video 
> driver support, and a few other OpenFirmware deficient bits of 
> information, then bounce boot into linux?
> Been there, Done that 
> -with a few LinuxPPC variants.

It's a good, supported way...
> I was hoping to work on a basic set of true boot-floppies....
> Take one oldworld mac, a stack of "Debian" installation floppies
> and irrespective of what's on the HD, stick the first disk in and 
> boot/install.

They're almost done.  There will be an only slightly broken set in the
archive in two days or so.  I'm working on newworld and partitioning
fixes for a new set, also.


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