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Re: sig11 on as

On Sat, Apr 08, 2000 at 05:15:07PM -0500, Adrianne Rutledge wrote:
> Has anyone else noticed sig11 on as with the latest binutils package?  If
> I'm alone... could it correspond to the error 10 that's becoming quite
> frequent in MacOS?  I'm hoping that that's just general IE5 bugginess and
> not that I've A) got bad RAM, or B) cooked my processor.  Oh yeah, as bugs
> out on both the kernel and in the configure script tests on kdelibs, so its
> not just kernel code or something causing it.  Please, please tell me that
> it's a bug in as...

i just recompiled my kernel to see, and no i had no problems at all,
what you describe sounds very much like `the signal 11 problem' you
should go read the document that describes it and how to debug it if
you have not already:


and yes you macos crashes could be a result of bad hardware too (as
sig11's usually are in compiling on linux) its just much harder to
notice bad hardware on macos since crashes are really are not

Ethan Benson

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