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Source-dependencies and bad packages list?

Hi all,
   I know I have been very quiet lately, but I believe I am able to find
some time now to do some actual and useful work wrt the immininent
release of potato on powerpc.
   One thing I think I can do is try to fix remaining porting bugs on some
packages. Other might be to test boot-floppies (which I will definetely
do, as I am about to reinstall my system from scratch -- too many
poweroffs, no ups, and too many 'UNEXPECTED INCONSISTENCIES' in fsck, are
not my idea of a stable system).
   For the first, I will need a recent source-dependencies file, and a
'bad' packages list. Hartmut, I remember you giving me those files a while
ago, do you have recent versions? or know where I can get them?

   Well, that's all. I just hope I wouldn't have to work to live :-)

Konstantinos Margaritis

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