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Re: trouble with kernel&modules (or am I stupid?)

Örjan Kaddik <kaddik@telia.com> writes:

 Hi everybody!

 Im trying to install kernel and modules on a PowerCenter 150(/w
 g3-300 upgrade), without any luck!
 w. dbootstrap:
 First: trouble mounting loop-device, rescue.bin & driver-1.bin, pmac

You need a kernel with a loop-device for this to work.  In the end, if
you're using bootx, you don't need to install a kernel.  As for the
modules, you will probably have to manually untar them into the
appropriate subdir of /lib/modules.  But for now, just skip this step
and continue with the install.  Once you get your base system
installed and configured, you can worry about your modules.

My base-system is setup to the point that I need to get out and get
more stuff, so I'm stucked on the modules! (and I really need to get
ppp functional to get my machine to required status...)

/Örjan Kaddik

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