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Re: Kerberos4KTH patch

(Old thread, but...)

Tom Rini wrote:

> On Wed, Mar 01, 2000 at 06:38:18PM -0500, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> > I noticed the kerberos4kth packages aren't in non-us for PPC or ARM.
> > I've attached a patch which makes it build and work (basically the same
> > as my old one), but the maintainer (Greg Stark) doesn't like it.  His
> > objections:
> >
> >    * The int arguments in va_arg calls should break shorts, and also
> >      longs on 64-bit platforms.  And yet, it builds with the patch,
> >      doesn't without it.  Tom Rini, your 12/15/99 debian-powerpc post
> >      was the basis of that part of the patch, do you know what's going
> >      on?  Is va_args somehow broken for PPC and/or ARM.
> IIRC, my patch was accepted upstream around the same time I posted on
> debian-powerpc.  It of course wasn't important enough to warrent a new
> release of the package.

Apparently, your patch was undone at some point before 1.0, or else someone
added new va_args material which required my new patch.  Can you point to
somewhere in the new source where your va_args work is there, so the
maintainer (Greg Stark) will accept this part of the patch?

On the other part (looking in /usr/include/db1/ for ndbm.h), Greg has said
that it should build without this, but hasn't given enough Build-Depends for
me to successfully do this.  Any ideas?

In any case, is this going to get built for PPC (or ARM, though no recent
non-US has been built for ARM...) in time for potato?  Or are people waiting
for Greg to approve something?  I can't build it without this patch, and it
seems to work perfectly with it, and it would be too bad if the whole package
were left out of potato when there's a working, if "inelegant", patch...


-Adam P.

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