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Unidentified subject!

"KP" == Kevin Puetz <puetzk@iastate.edu> writes:

   Me> Hmm.  I might do that, too.  From what I can tell, though,
   Me> the latest version of the Debian gdb package isn't
   Me> available for PowerPC, patches or no patches -- I have a
   Me> version with your patches installed, but when I try to get
   Me> apt to reinstall it (with `apt-get install --reinstall
   Me> gdb'), apt tells me ``Sorry, re-installation of gdb is not
   Me> possible, it cannot be downloaded''.

   KP> well, I sent in a patch that fixed it... I guess I never
   KP> looked to see it it had been built and checked in.

>From looking at the change log, it seems like it should have been
done, but the binary package is not available from the archives --
the most recent deb is gdb_4.18-1.1.deb.  The most recent source
appears to be gdb_4.18.200000308-1.  I haven't tried that package
(but I will).

   KP> the patch and a binary deb are on my homepage at
   KP> http://Southpole.penguinpowere d.com/

Yes, that's the one I have.  (I had originally downloaded the
binary package; then, after the gdb maintainer had problems with
your patch, I downloaded the patch, applied it, and built my own
deb from source.)

   KP> that gdb is not yet threadsafe though.

Yeah.  :-\


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