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user-friendly access.log


 I apologize for posting this message to this address, but I could not
 find any news-list or mailing-list for it. Please redirect it to the
 appropriate address if needed.

 The problem is the following: there are a number of stat programs,
 like webalizer, that are only useful to the web-site administrator.
 No program seems to be available for the owner of a web-page.

 As user of a departmental computer facility, I have my-own web page.
 The web-server of the department is (clearly) Apache. The problem,
 for the user, consists in reading the access.log file using the
 web-browser (no statistics are needed). However, for security
 reasons, only root can read the file access.log. But no user is
 interested in reading the access log of the others, so that the page
 should report only those hits that are relative to the user's own
 page. As this would be expensive to run with a cron job, the ideal
 would be to generate such page only when the user wants to see
 it (cgi?). Now, my question for you is the following: do you know of
 any such facility? How do I enable such facility for the local site?

 Many thanks,

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