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Re: FBDev crashes

On Sun, Apr 30, 2000 at 06:43:19PM +0200, Andre Berger wrote:
> Fatal server error:
> fbdevUpdateColormap: FBIOPUTCMAP failed (Function not implemented)

IIRC, the X server is trying to 0 out the colormap.  I got around this
by just setting an enormous BlankTime (and I got paranoid w/ StandbyTime and
SuspendTime as well):

	Section "Screen"
	    Driver      "fbdev"
	    Device      "OFfb platinum"
	    Monitor     "My Monitor"
	    BlankTime   99999
	    StandbyTime 99999
	    SuspendTime 99999
	    Subsection "Display"
		Depth       16
		Modes       "default"
		ViewPort    0 0
		Virtual     1024 768


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