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Re: X configuring

> >>  It worked the first time, then it stopped.  When I startx, it grabs the
> >> memory it needs, then prints this error:
> >>
> >> PEXExtensionInit:  Couldn't open default PEX font file Roman_M
> >>
> >> that it may have something to do with the x font server, but I really don'
> t
> >> know enough to figure it out.
> >
> >I had the same error showing up all the time when I was using Xpmac,
> >and it's not the one killing the server. Are you sure you have all
> >the fonts that Xpmac requires installed: 75 dpi, 100 dpi etc.? If
> >not, the server will refuse to start. Good luck,
> >
> >          Renaud
> Yes, I downloaded what I thought was the correct font to fix the error, and 
> when that didn't work, I downloaded every font that I found in deselct (aside
> from Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, etc.).  It ended up being about 30MB of fonts
> .
>  So after the 20 minutes it took to download and install them, it still didn'
> t 
> work.
> Did you decide to use another server or did you get it to work?

I did get it to work after making sure I had all the fonts downloaded 
that were hard-wired into Xpmac. I've since then 
switched to Xfree 3.9.18 though.

What exact error are you getting, apart from the PEX one, which is 
harmless? Ciao,


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