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Re: Problem Debian Apus rescue.bin

I sent this to Bjorn but thought I would send it to the list as well to see
if anyone has any ideas on my problem.

Howdy Björn

I noticed that you have Debian2.2 running on ur PPC. I am trying to install
DebianApus here but am running into weird problems. First of all what are u
using for a Bootsrap? I tried Amiboot-5.6 from the Debian68k install but it
doesn't have a --apus option. I am trying to use Bootstrap from the RedHat
Apus install but I can only get as far as "Install Operating System &
Kernels" secton of the dbootstrap. It says the "Attempt to extract the
Rescue Floppy from disk failed. -Bad Address

When I go to the 'Alt-F3' screen I get:

user.info dbootstrap[27]: nofile
found, kernel not in default location

user.err dbootstrap[27]: set_loop couldn't create a loop device for

user.err dbootstrap[27]: extracting Rescue Floppy from non-floppy device
/instmnt/debian failed with -1

Here's my 'Start-Install Script'
run >NIL: c:lxwoshack
bootstrap --apus -m memfile1 -k linux -r root.bin root=/dev/ram

the memfile is something that I am playing around with. So far it makes no
difference, with or without it.

Does any of this mean anything to you? I am farly new to this Linux thing
but I did have the Debian 68k up and running with xwindows and gnome for a
few months. I also have Red Hat Apus on a seperate hard disk. It needs
work, but I am more interested in trying to get Debian Apus working on my
system. (see my sig)

P.S. Also I am running Warpup with the PPCLibemu. The Linux partitions are
on a dedicated 1.2 gig fujitsu hooked up to a A2091. I had Debian 68k
sucsessfully running on the same drive before and just tried the 68k
install again, no problems. The SDA1 is on an Amiga partition.

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