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yaboot errors on g4

This is exactly my experience on my sawtooth G4, except that
I had been trying to get ybin 0.10 to function.  I had thought
maybe I wasn't following the installation instructions correctly,
but can't find any discrepencies between what Ethan suggests and
what I'm doing.

> I finally went out and bought linuxppc (AUS$15) and yellowdog (AUS$15)
> disks so I can boot into Linux.  I don't plan on installing either, I
> just wanted a boot disk so I could untar the debian base2_2.tgz file
> and then use apt.
> I downloaded ybin (0.11), yaboot (0.5) and hfsutils and managed to
> install them on a 800K HFS bootstrap partition (yes it is the first
> partition, well 2nd partition after the partition table itself).
> I get an error message saying "can't read config file" so I can't load
> linux.  

This is the way yaboot_0.5 has always behaved on my hardware, no
matter where I put the config file or how I invoke yaboot.  All 
it manages to do is turn the screen to green-on-black and give
the above compliant.

> I can't press tab as the config file was not read.  I have tried
> putting in commands manually at the boot: prompt.
> eg.
> "boot: hd:4,/boot/vmlinux ro"
> but I get the following error
> "Image not found...... try again"

I get this too.

> What am I doing wrong ?
> How can I get debian to boot ?
> I can't even get the LinuxPPC installation to boot of the hard disk.

Same here.

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