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Re: Source-dependencies and bad packages list?

"DJ" == Daniel Jacobowitz <dan@debian.org> writes:

   DJ> What I do have on me are the list of 'dubious' packages -
   DJ> the packages which generate 'comparison is always
   DJ> false/true due to limited range of data type' warnings, by
   DJ> misusing unsigned characters.  I'll attach it.  It would be
   DJ> great if someone could work on some of these.  Barring
   DJ> warnings, most should build fine.

Is there any more information about the problems with these
packages available somewhere (i.e., build logs?).  Also, what
happened with gdb -- Kevin Puetz <puetzk@iastate.edu> seemed to be
making some good progress, but I haven't heard anything lately,
and, checking, I see that there is still a grave bug filed against
the package (isn't gdb release-critical?).  (Looking closer, I see
that the maintainer closed one gdb on PPC bug, but not the one I'd

I'm coming to the end of my current project (I hope!), and will be
able to look at some of the problem packages when that occurs.
I'm especially concerned about tetex-bin, which I use all the



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