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Re: Netscape 6

On Tue, Apr 04, 2000 at 06:38:32PM -0700, Logan Hall wrote:
> On Tue, 4 Apr 2000, Ethan Benson wrote:
> > On Tue, Apr 04, 2000 at 02:04:28PM -0700, Logan Hall wrote:
> > > When Netscape 6 is available will it be in pototao or just woody?  If its
> > 
> > netscape 6 is not out yet, and even if it were it would not go into
> > potato, potato is frozen and that means no new versions.
> The beta comes out tomarrow. go to:  www.netscape.com/browsers/6

exactly, beta != out  i highly doubt debian will put a beta of
netscape 6 in either.  its more likely that mozzilla will be the
browser in woody when its nearing completion and netscape will be
removed from debian altogether.  (the way i understand it netscape 6
is mostly mozzila plus non-free crap)

> I think 4.7 is.  alteast the basefiles for it are.

yup everything is there, except a binary ;-) 

however if you want netscape 4.7 here is the source code that will
make a perfect binary:

$ cat netscape-communicator.c
#include <signal.h>
/* for some users raise(7); may work more consistently */



Ethan Benson

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