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Re: FBDev crashes

Andre Berger wrote:

> (**) FBDev: Using XF86Config video mode database
> (--) FBDev: Frame buffer device: OFfb chips65550
> (--) FBDev: Video memory: 975K @ 0x81800200
> (--) FBDev: MMIO regs: 0K @ (nil)
> (--) FBDev: Type 0 type_aux 0 bits_per_pixel 16
> (--) FBDev: Hardware accelerator: None
> (--) FBDev: No driver support for hardware acceleration
> bpp = 16, depth = 15, BitsPerRGB = 5
> (--) FBDev: Using cfb16 driver

Another thing to point out, is that XFBDev is really, really slow using
No Video Driver checked (as shown above with Hardware accelerator:None),
you would be much better off either unchecking no video driver (which
might cause problems on your machine with video) or using Xpmac with the
-mach64  flag (or whatever neccessary flag for your video card is).
Xpmac acceleration is independent of the Frame Buffer, so it works with
No Video Driver checked.

You can install Xpmac by using alien on the Xpmac RPM and installing or
getting the Xpmac_rage128_usb.rev10.gz from linuxppc.org. After you
install that, change the first line of /etc/X11/Xserver to read:
Andrew B. Arthur               |  Linux for iMac, iBook and PowerMacs:
arthur99@global2000.net        |  http://imaclinux.net

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