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Re: Is anyone using pmac-fdisk?

On Sun, Apr 09, 2000 at 01:05:19PM -0400, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> pmac-fdisk appears to me to be a DOS-style partition table editor.  Boot
> floppies certainly do not use it; does anyone else?  If not, I am going to
> change it tremendously - make it the same as mac-fdisk but with different
> options for partition types available (think Apple_Bootstrap) that are not
> relevant to 68k.
> Ack!  On a second look:
> # if BVME or MVME
>                 BVME*|Motorola)
>                         /usr/sbin/pmac-fdisk $@
>                         exit 0
>                         ;;
> Why???  What would be a more appropriate thing to rename pmac-fdisk to? 
> These are certainly not the normal sort of 'pmac'.

that is weird, IMO the powerpc machines that use the DOS partition
tables should just use the same fdisk we use on i386.  as far as pmac
goes, that term has usually been reserved for the Apple powerpc
machines.  all the clones used Apple's BrokenFirmware and thus are
going to be needing Apple partition tables.

on a related note, why is the i386 fdisk not available on powerpc
anymore? it compiles just fine, but for some reason its been removed
from util-linux. (yes there are uses for it)

a new fdisk for apple partitions tables would be very good though! how
about dumping the screwy mac-fdisk interface for the i386 fdisk
interface which is much more known?  (though i would just be happy to
have it stop making up bogus values when you initialize the table)

Ethan Benson

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