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>> >And if you want to get any kind of response at all, 
>> >can you please USE A REAL EMAIL ADDRESS?

>> No, No, No!   I don't want a personal and private response.
>> If you can't say it to everyone, I don't want to hear it!

>I have no objection to saying it to everyone.  If I was going to answer
>you at all I would CC it to the list.  
>But everyone that replies to you gets a bounce message.
>That is obnoxious and exceptionally bad etiquette.

Thank You!
This is the first group to point out that problem.
(We don't have private eMail at our locations)
(So I will setup one of the free Web-based eMails)


I've heard mostly encouraging words about
www.imaginemail.com though YMMV -Your Milage May Vary

Free, fast e-mail accessible anytime, anywhere http://www.imaginemail.com

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