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PowerPC success!

Making Linux bootable from the hard drive still has a tremendous way to go -
you'll need to find your own way to do it.  But other than that I have
gotten CVS bootfloppies into a usable shape for this arch.  It also required
a change to console-data that I'm dubious about - see #62067.

I should have a build up tomorrow.  Booting has a long way to go.  So does
partitioning.  But if worst comes to worst, this is an acceptable set of
boot floppies, especially if I get bootable CDs done in time.

Now we need documentation, and lots of it.

Note that boot-floppy-hfs.img is now what its name would indicate - dd it to
a floppy and the floppy will boot an oldworld mac, just sticking it in the
drive, as long as it is set to boot to the Apple ROM (i.e. not Quik).  No
messing with bootx, no messing with Open Firmware.  If anyone can figure out
how to generate DiskCopy or whatever the current tool is (shrinkwrap?)
images, let me know, please.  That would be a nice convenience.

I'd also like automated yaboot/bootx/quik installs inasmuch as it is
possible.  We'll see what time allows and what we all can figure out.


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