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Re: Problem Debian Apus rescue.bin

Craig Bowling wrote:

> First of all what are u using for a Bootsrap? I tried Amiboot-5.6 from the
> Debian68k install but it doesn't have a --apus option.

The modifications for APUS haven't been integrated into AmiBoot yet, it's
called Boothack and the latest version is:


Note that the *boot_*up files must be in the same directory as boothack and

You also need the latest kernel for this:


Anyway, it should work even with your bootstrap and kernel.

> I am trying to use Bootstrap from the RedHat Apus install but I can only get
> as far as "Install Operating System & Kernels" secton of the dbootstrap.

What boot-floppies do you use?

> Here's my 'Start-Install Script'
> run >NIL: c:lxwoshack
> bootstrap --apus -m memfile1 -k linux -r root.bin root=/dev/ram
> video=pm2fb:1024x768-8
> the memfile is something that I am playing around with. So far it makes no
> difference, with or without it.

No memfile should be needed anymore.

> I also have Red Hat Apus on a seperate hard disk. It need work, but I am
> more interested in trying to get Debian Apus working on my system. (see my
> sig)

Good decision :)


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