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7200 installation - floppy

None of the installation links on the Debian website
link for me.

A search engine for the lists.debian.org eludes me.

I've read about the "PowerPC success!" and a boot-floppy-hfs.img
but nobody includes the link in their posts.

Pity the newbies without persistance!

I have a Macintosh, a modem w/ppp-account, free time, and familiarity 
with ShrinkWrap, MungeImage, DiskCopy, and a few other sector/image apps.

If somebody would hold my hand, I'll write newbie instructions
for booting an oldworld PowerMac. 

I have a PowerMac 7200/75 = PowerPC 601 75mhz
on-motherboard:  accelerated video support ;) for monitors wired for 
                 10baseT & localtalk
                 serial port
                 8mb RAM (upgraded to 72 but let's assume a stock box)
                 blind and broken OpenFirmware

SCSI_id_0=4gb <------------------one 1gb mac partition
SCSI_id_1=500mb                  must remain bootable and usable
                                 is backed up on CD.   :)

please respond to debian-powerpc@lists.debian.org and 
so we all can share, thanks.

- Layne

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