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Re: Sound drivers

On Fri, 28 Apr 2000, David Given wrote:
> >Could someone please tell me what program I should use to configure my
> >soundcard? I'm using the program: mp3blaster but it just can't recognice
> >my soundcard(paula).
> >
> >I have been running a lot of dpkg -i * lately to install the Debian
> >distribution, maybe I've missed an essential package? hmm...
> The PPC Linux sound drivers are very nearly, but not quite, OSS compatible. I've found a number of programs that don't like it on my Power Mac 8200 with the DMA sound driver; xmms and mikmod, for example. (Although alsaplayer and xmp work fine.)

A long time ago (before PowerMac sound support was added to dmasound), I was
able to use mikmod on my m68k Amiga. It did require an endian patch for
mikmod, though.



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