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Re: XF68_FBDev and Powerbook (Mach64) acceleration

I'm using a PowerBook firewire, and I just tried running Xpmac.  It didn't seem to do much in the way of accerelation, but it did give me 3-button mouse emulation.  One side-effect (and I'm not sure if this is caused by Xpmac) is that xdm has apparently lost the authority to connect a user to the X server.  So basically, the only way I can run the server is by killing xdm, logging in as root, and running startx with root permissions.  So if you haven't installed Xpmac yet, you might want to hold off.  When I fix my problems, I'll post again.

The one graphical advantage I got was the ability to use 24-bit colour.  XF86_FBDev only gave me 16.

Vivek Balasubramanyam
(519) 569-0786

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