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iMac special edition install fustrations


I'll try and make this as clear as possible. All the files I am working
with have come from

Next, I've grabbed Yaboot 0.5 and I am booting it successfully.
Initially I made two HFS partitions: Partition1 4gb for MacOS;
Partition2 8GB for all the Linux partitions.
I put yaboot, vmlinux, ramdisk.image and yaboot config at the root
level, as well as made a folder called
"instimage/dists/potato/main/disks-powerpc" with all the contents from
the ftp site there.

So, I boot yaboot, boot debian install, switch virtual consoles, run
mac-fdisk, create 800K bootstrap partitions for ybin, create swap
partition and create on big ext2 partition. I reboot again for good
measures, go back into yaboot, debian install, and proceed.

Everything works up to the point of installing the base system. I format
swap, root and mount root and then mount the HFS partition no problem.
However, I am booted back to the install menu and get a message on
virtual console 3 that says something like:

Found rescue.bin but kernel image was not in default location.

I am wondering if I am either missing someting obvious or if I am not
familiar with how the files should be layed out on the HFS partitions,
or if I am just missing a file somewhere. If anyone has any clue, I'd
appreciate it. Thanks, and otherwise, back to the grind stone.


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