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2.2.11 boot floppies not good for debian/ppc/apus.

Hello, Dan and fellow debian-boot readers.

I downloaded and tried the new boot floppies for debian/ppc/apus, but they are
broken, ...

Someone changed the subarch detection routine to translate from the subarch
provided by /proc/hardware to the one expected by debian (from Amiga to apus).
This is a good think, should have done it from the begining this way i guess.

But the rest of the code was not changed acordyingly, and thus the boot
floppies don't work (as Arch2 is apus, but is searched for Amiga). Will have
to check the mirriad places where such changes have been down, and will upload
a fix before monday. (maybe i could also upload a fixed root.bin for apus ?)

Would it not be better to have the Arch2 code defined in some #define
somewhere centraly ?



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