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Re: yaboot errors on g4

Josh Huber <huberj@wpi.edu>
> I'm using 0.5, which is think is the latest version.
> I just set the boot-device to hd:9,yaboot_0.5

I think this explains the difference between your machine
and mine.  I have been trying to make a partition of type
"Apple_Bootstrap" to install ybin onto.  You, on the other
hand, are just using as small HFS partition.  

I know for a fact that I could also get my machine to work
this way.  I had been too focused on trying to get ybin
set up, because I was hoping to eventually make a dual-boot
configuration with MacOS.

We still don't have an instance of a post-speedbump G4
that uses yaboot _with_ ybin successfully, but now I know
how to get around it -- if I'm willing to do without dual-boot.

Thanks, Josh.   

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