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Re: Linux on a RS/6000 with PowerPC and MCA

Peter De Schrijver wrote:

> > BTW, any word on those PPC IBM NetFinity boxen's hardware?
> >
> Uh ? I thought netfinity's are IA32 based server boxen ? At least the netfinity
> 5500 I have access to has a intel PentiumII CPU...
> Peter.

yea that comment really does not make sense.  Netfinity is ALL Intel processor
based.  RS/6000 is ALL POWER(2,3)/PowerPC based.  He may be referring to a few
years ago ('94/95/96?)  when some PowerPC based machines were part of Personal
System Group at IBM.  OR maybe just the fact that IBM released specs on CHRP
motherboards for third parties.   Servers at IBM can mean many boxes (Netfinity or

NUMA-Q Intel based, RS/6000 or AS/400 based on PPC or even S/390s based on IBM
mainframe architecture.


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