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Re: Netscape 6

On Tue, Apr 04, 2000 at 02:04:28PM -0700, Logan Hall wrote:
> When Netscape 6 is available will it be in pototao or just woody?  If its

netscape 6 is not out yet, and even if it were it would not go into
potato, potato is frozen and that means no new versions.

> going to be in woody and not potato how would i go abou tgetting it on my
> potato system?

since woody for powerpc dies not yet exist (unless that changed very
recently) you don't.  not until there is a package to get.  once tehre
is you could either edit your sources.list or just wget teh .deb and
run dpkg -i on it assuming the dependencies are ok it would work.  

i however would not count on getting it any time soon, i don't think
that even netscape 4.7 is in potato powerpc yet...

Ethan Benson

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